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Use MotifFinder to Analyze Glycan Array Data

MotifFinder is a tool designed to make the analysis of glycan array data easy, including combined analysis of multiple arrays or analysis of nontraditonal arrays.

While the complete, versatile MotifFinder array analysis tool is available as a standalone application through our tools page, here Carbogrove offers the ability to submit data to our webserver for analysis. Perfect if you are interested in MotifFinder and it's capabilities but are unable to work with the standalone tool. This is intended for research, nonprofit, and academic use; commercial users are encouraged to reach out to discuss liscensing or provisional use.

Using this MotifFinder web tool will generate an html report file like those found in the database: Example
A breakdown of the report contents and interpretation is available: Report Breakdown

Novel analyses may be considered for submission into the Carbogrove database. Analyses submitted and accepted into the Carbogrove database will be given unique identifiers and will be publically accessible. Submitted analyses are currently manually evaluated by the developers, contact the developers for consideration using the Contact Us page.

Select Data Files:
? Analyte concentration and array name are parsed from data file names and are used for concentration and mixed source analyses. For example the file "Lectin_10ug_V1.0_Array" will be parsed as having data at 10ug/mL on the array "V1.0_Array". Data files are parsed with a flexible parser capable of reading many file arrangments including CFG data files and files with the headers: "ID" "Structure" "Intensities" and optionally "SD". Glycan "Structure" is expected to be the modified IUPAC CFG notation. Example data files are:     Example_CFG      Example_Generic

Analyte Name:

Model Complexity: Simple Default Complex

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